Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Morning with Kitt

Once upon a time, I had a sister named Kitt and she lived only about an hour away from me. However, she met the man of her dreams and moved to Utah, and they are living happily ever after. Meanwhile back here in Colorado, we are learning to live all alone again :) Just kidding, not just kidding. As in yes, we are learning how to live all alone again, but we have had some great visits from Grandparents that I totally need to blog about, and we are busy, but we still miss our Aunt Kitt.

Consequently, when she told me she needed to come to Denver for work I expressed a great desire to see her. I told her I was willing to pick her up and take her to her in-laws house if needed. Well, lucky for me she decided to come visit me late Thursday night. She got there around 9:30 and we were finishing National Treasure, so she watched that with us and then we visited till about 11:00/11:30. It was fun to just chat, but we were all tired, so we went to bed.

Friday, we had cancelled everything, so we could play with Kitt. That means I cancelled speech and Kylee chose not to go to school. It was awesome. We had a good breakfast of muffins and eggs. Then we went to the pool and swam there. The girls loved showing off for Aunt Kitt. We also saw some friends their, so that was fun but I am not sure if I paid enough attention to Kitt. I think I did okay, but I sometimes have a hard time ignoring kids who think I am awesome, and who I have kind of made a I want you to like me investment in. Anyway, I really think it was good, and the girls love the lazy river and Tia got to go on the slides, so it was great. After swimming, we got changed and quickly went the museum.  We had to hurry, so we didn't get to see everything, but it was still really fun.

We got home in time to welcome Trent and Tori for the day. I let the kids play while I made Kitt and I some crazy good nachos. Kitt brought some meat and avocado from a dinner she had with her team earlier in the week. So, I used that and our beans, some chips, cheese, and sour cream and we shared it while the kids played. I really tried to sit down and visit and not get up 1000 times while we had our lunch and I think I succeed. At least I feel like I did mainly because I actually felt I got some one on one time with Kitt. After we finished we had to hurry and get her out the door so she could catch her plane. It was a super short visit, but it was so good to see her. I really do hope her and Matthew move back here. It would be so fun to have them close. It sounds super silly, but there really is great peace in knowing you have family just down the road and it is super cool to see them often even if that often is only every other month, but most times at least once a month. Who knows what it will be like when/if they move back, but I am excited about it nonetheless. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

General Conference

Last Saturday and Sunday were General Conference and I don't know for sure, but for me for sure I heard that we should write down the feelings we felt during that conference. So, obviously I am a little late, but I am getting it done.

The first thing that happened this General Conference was a Solemn Assembly. As the this event was getting ready to begin and I knew we would be sustaining Pres. Russel M. Nelson as the prophet I felt a slight burning in my chest. Now, seriously when I felt this I thought it was little a heartburn or something. And, I didn't think much of it, and the Solemn Assembly progressed and I stood both with the sisters of the Relief Society and then the full church membership and sustained the quorum of twelve and the new prophet. But I was really surprised that I didn't feel anything during it. It wasn't until Sunday afternoon that I realized that 'heartburn' before the solemn assembly started was the Spirit confirming to me that what was happening after that was right and true. I honestly can't believe I didn't recognize it at first, but its true. I haven't had the Spirit speak to me like that since I was probably about 8 or 9. Like when I very, very first prayed to know if the Book of Mormon were true. I have had many other promptings, feelings, and experiences with Spirit since then, but not in the same way. To be honest, I kind of wonder why the feeling was the way it was. It isn't like this is the first time I have sustained a new prophet. But it doesn't really matter. What matters is that the Spirit spoke to me that Pres. Russel M. Nelson is who the Lord wants for the prophet of the His church at this time.

Another moment of conference that I want to record is that of when Pres. Nelson announced the discontinuing of home and visiting teaching and introduced Ministering. So, as Pres. Nelson arose to speak, once again my heart burned within me. Again, I was kind of like what is that, but this time I actually recognized it for what it was. Then because I recognized it, I was so excited for what was going to come. I am so excited for these changes. Mainly, I love that the Young Women ages 14-18 will be included in ministering. Although, this will be kind of crazy and weird, it will be GREAT! Both the YW and the Relief Society Sisters need this change. We need it to become united together. To challenge and hopefully close the gap between YW and RS. I seriously hope it will allow the RS to get to know the YW and the YW to get to know the RS. Additionally, it will a unique set of talents to be used. Ministering is so broad and thus, it truly allow the opportunity for YW to be a part instead of just listening to women gab.  I truly feel like YW have a lot to contribute if we will let them. I am still don't know how it will all work. Like how it will be to work with YW or how they will be able to minister or if the RS will be flexible enough to figure out how to make it work and to let YW serve. It should be interesting and even though I don't know all the answers, this I do know. I know that this is what the Lord wants in His church. He wants His daughters to work together to serve each other. He wants them to be unified in their efforts. He wants them to truly look after the one.

This conference was full of wonderful things. I believe the Lord is hastening his work and it will move forward. We need to be ready and willing to get on and help Him with it. I testify that the Spirit speaks to us. Sometimes we don't understand or recognize the Spirit at first, but we need to learn to feel it and listen to it because among all of the things the Spirit can do, his main job is to testify, and He will testify of truth, of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, and of Their work.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Free Saturday

Yesterday was a great day. By the end, I was super tuckered out, but it was good. Last night I even took the opportunity to reflect over the day, and I couldn't even find something I would change about it, so that should tell you it was a good day.

The morning started off with a bit of sleeping in. One of the best parts about waking up during the week at 6:00 is that when you get to go back to sleep until 7:00-7:15 it feels amazing. I did get up at about 6:00 and read my scriptures, but I also crawled back into my cozy bed and enjoyed just laying there and sleeping a little too. It was so great. We finally got up and at it, and got breakfast going. We made banana pancakes, yummy! Just as we sat down we heard someone come into our driveway. It was our contractor there with another guy to strengthen out the siding on our porch/house. I am amazed he got it, so close, because there is a good chance that our porch was never level, or at least not level for very long. Anyway, I chatted with him for a bit and then came back in and had breakfast. Then we went to FREE fishing day! I have been wanting to go to this event for a little while, but our kids really are just big enough to go and really enjoy it and get the point of it. So, what free fishing day is, is you register your kids and they go to 5 different classes and learn about fishing. They have classes on casting, equipment (different types of poles, though it probably should be on bait, but they didn't ask me), knot tying, types of fish, and then how to hold different common fish when trying to get hooks and the like out. The girls dutifully went to each class and listened and participated and then after they completed all five classes they got their very own fishing pole. So, we then took that fishing pole and got some bait from the boy scouts and went fishing. The classes took about an hour and then we fished for about an hour. I think that is pretty good for a 4 and 6 year-old. However, my favorite part was watching Gaupo participate with us. I sometimes feel like I head up the vast majority of outdoor activities and it is true that I instigated this activity, but he got us registered and then helped us find 'the perfect fishing spot.' He also loved helping load the bait, casting, and sitting with the pole and his girls. I know there isn't a whole lot to pond fishing, but Gaupo didn't mind one bit being out there and sitting with us and fishing. Tia got a little bored, but hey that is to be expected and she did fine really. Kylee I am pretty sure could fish for a long time. She just has the patience to wait and hope she gets something. She is pretty disappointed when she doesn't get anything, but it doesn't ruin it for her. Our family really enjoyed doing it together. I thought it was successful enough that Gaupo and/or I might need to get a license, so we can go multiple times this year, but we will see. I just so loved spending two hours outside with my family with no real complaints and everyone left having had a good time. Plus, it didn't cost me a thing--even better.
Kylee and Gaupo at the casting class.
Daddy helping Tia with casting.
Daddy and Kylee fishing.
Tia playing wit her snakes aka worms.
Tia casting out and Gaupo ducking for cover. hahaha
Tia the fisherwoman.
Kylee and Daddy fishing away.
Me with everyone to prove I was there.
Daddy and his girls fishing.
After we got done fishing, we were on the right side of town to visit Target. They are having buy 1 get one 50% off right now on shoes, and I want to get my girls some sandals, but I needed to know what size Kylee was (I already knew Tia). So, we went to Target. Well, while we were there they were having an 'egg hunt.' By the time we got there it was a very simple affair and all we had to do was go get our picture taken, get a snack and get the password. Then we went and found the Hatchimal display, gave them the password and we got a Hatchimal egg. We quickly did that and then spent awhile in shoes trying to find which sandals would work for Kylee and what size. She has small thin feet, so this is not an easy thing. Anyway, we found out what we needed and left with two Hatchimals without spending a penny.
Tia and Kylee getting their picture taken.
Also, on that same side of town as Sprouts. I went there and did spend money on groceries, but I also grabbed everyone a free sample of their sour gummy bears (they don't even compare to their normal 12 flavor ones that are super good, so just buy the normal). So, I get out to the car and the girls got their Hatchimals open and were so please with that and then I just got add to it with a free sample of gummy bears for them. So, a total win on the west side of town yesterday.

Once we got home we had lunch and went down for naps. While the girls were sleeping I went grocery shopping. Sadly that was not free either, but I did get some good deals, and some needed food, so it was all good. Once I got home, I started preparing dinner. We were having a hurry up and wait meal--grilled chicken, tortellini pasta salad, grilled potatoes, grilled corn, and grapes. So, I got the chicken marinating and the pasta salad made. Then the kids were awake and Tia did not forget that we had said we could go on a bike ride when she woke up. So, I took the kids on a bike ride while Gaupo worked on his homework. We took a good little ride down and through and around and through the park to the school where we played at a couple of the schools parks. I think Tia's favorite part was showing the other kids how she could do everything that they couldn't or needed help doing. Don't worry I didn't let her do it long. We went home and the girls played outside while we prepped the potatoes and corn. Then we enjoyed watching them play as we cooked all the food. It took awhile to get it all done, but it was good. We enjoyed our food all together. The kids didn't even complain too much. Then we got the kids showered and bathed and in bed. They actually went to sleep almost right away, Wahoo!! Tia has had a terrible problem with going to sleep this week, so this was awesome! Then Gaupo and I stayed up for a bit and then got showered and went to bed as well. It was pretty early when we went to bed, but apparently I was tired because I slept well all night. I seriously probably slept from 9:30 to 6:00 without waking up and then rested/slept again from about 6:30 to 6:50. Once again it felt so good to sleep in.

I doubt this post really does how wonderful yesterday was justice, but I really did enjoy it. I love spending time with my family and I really do enjoy when it doesn't cost us a lot of money either. I am very grateful for all the different activities that the City of Longmont sponsors. It allows my kids to see and experience a lot of different things. I feel so blessed to live in a city that promotes being outdoors. They have created lots of wonderful outdoor spaces, so that even though we are in the city it isn't all concrete, pavement, and buildings. I love spending time with my family and being able to do it so close. I really did love watching Guapo fish with the girls. He carefully walked us to the other side of the pond away from everyone to a little spot. He talked briefly about how he loved going fishing especially when he use to do it with his dad because he would here him tell stories which he loved. It was fun to sit in somewhat peace and just enjoy being together. It was so great to watch our girls get excited over their simple free gift at Target. It was fun to ride bikes with my girls. They are such good riders and I can't help but feel proud of what they can do. I am so grateful that my family can have fun doing simple things. I love that we love being together and that being together is what often makes our adventure so rich and fun. I have the best family and I love being with them. I am so glad they put up with all my crazy because I really do love them like crazy. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Happenings In Our LIfe

This week felt like it was forever long, but it was technically shorter (daylight savings, bleh). The days were full and super fun, but it just felt like every day lasted forever and that the weekend was taking forever to come. However, now the weekend is here and almost over and it flew by. It went way to fast. Time is so weird that way. Sometimes it seems to crawl by, other times it races past, and then other times it is just normal. Either way, I can't believe tomorrow is Monday of a new week. Although, I am pretty excited for this week because I only watch Trent and Tori one day, so that means the rest of the days I get to just be with my kiddos, and do stuff with them. YEAH!

Most of this week and a couple days last week we have been to a park. So far my crew and I have been to the train park, Stephen Day park, the park by my house, Left-hand Creek park, and Sandstone ranch. We have meet up with friends a couple of times, but a few times we have just gone on our own. Last Friday, we were hoping to have friends join us, but no one came. That was a bit of a bummer mainly for me, because the kids of course still had a great time. It was a windy day, so we took their kites with us and they had a grand time flying them and it was so easy to fly them. It was awesome! Plus, the park we went to has a really cool toys, so the kids really enjoyed playing there, so it was definitely well worth the visit.
Tia running with her kite.
Kylee and Tori with Kylee's kite.
Tori, Kylee, Tia.
Another one.
 On Wednesday, we met up with Jensen, and Jacob and their mom's--my friends--Bethany and Carolyn. We met them at Sandstone Ranch. We were out there for almost two hours and the kids weren't even ready to come home. It was so great. The kids just rode their bikes, played on toys, made up games, and just played it was so awesome.  Thursday we met up with a couple of the mom's and girls in Tia's class at the park. It was kind of fun to hangout with different people. Kind of weird to be the new one who didn't know anyone's history, but refreshing at the same time. Tia played well with the girls that were there and when Tori showed up she played with her and Kylee, but eventually did go back to playing with the other girls too. Actually they all kind of joined together and play. I thought it worked out really well, and I had a good time visiting with the moms that were there. We have had amazing weather this last a couple of weeks, so I am glad we have gotten out and enjoyed the parks and playing with friends.

In other good weather adventures, we have started riding bikes to school again. My kids seem so much happier when they start out the day getting their bodies moving. I love it. We have a great time riding. They are ready for school when we get there and most times we are actually early/on-time for school, so that is awesome too. Kylee and Tia are awesome bike riders. Tia can ride her bike all the way home with out crying which is great because it is a huge hill all the way back almost. The two of us have enjoyed taking different routes home, and Tia has loved choosing all the different turns and stuff we should take. Sometimes it takes awhile for us to get back, but hey when it is good weather, I can't think of a better thing to be doing or a better person to be doing it with. Kylee is doing great on her bike too. On Friday, she said, "Okay, I can make it all the way up the hill without stopping." I said that would be great. You know what she did it! That girl, when she says she will do something and it genuinely comes from her as a personal goal, watch out! She will do it, even if things get in the way. For example, Tia stopped on her way up, and Kylee just steered around her and kept going. It was amazing. She was so proud of herself and I was proud of her two. These two girls of mine are quite the riders and I honestly don't think I could be more pleased. I love sharing the joy of riding bikes with them.

Another significant event of the times is we finally redid our porch. Our porch has been settled probably since we bought the house, but we didn't know. Anyway, it was pretty bad. It has some really big cracks in the cement and the particle board was showing, and the roof was bent. It just wasn't a good thing. However, it is a big expensive project, so we have put it off because we just couldn't do it. But, we have the money and it somehow made it to the forefront of our thoughts and so we are doing it. It is almost done, but not quite. Monday was demo day. I knew it was starting this past week, but wasn't sure the exact date, but Monday it was. Because I didn't know, I didn't hurry home from dropping of Kylee. So, Tia and I were taking our sweet time getting home and I get a text from my neighbor saying, "looks like today is demo day." I texted back, "What?! Just kidding. I know exciting, huh." Well it was pretty exciting. We have had a great time watching 'the boys' as Tia calls them work on our porch. Monday they took out all the cement underneath. Oh boy, did the contractor that built this house cut some corners. We have a pipe to plumbing or something like that on the porch. Anyway, when they started taking of the cement from around it we found they had extended it--meaning the pipe was too short and they needed to make it longer, so it wouldn't buried by cement--well instead of extending it with you know more PVC pipe, they did it with a coffee can. Yes, that is right. There was Foldgers coffee can rusting away under there extending the difference from the pipe to the cap. I couldn't believe it. It is just so cheap. We also found as they were removing cement that there was no rebar in our entire porch, which could defiantly have aided in the huge cracks. However, my favorite part of demo was watching the boys jump when they found the snakes under the cement. I really shouldn't laugh because I don't like snakes either, but it is way more funny when it is someone else. The snakes were pretty slow because it is still pretty cold her at night, but they found 3 pretty darn big ones for sure. It was pretty comical. Anyway, we watched the guys demo, and prep the ground for cement on Monday.
A closer view of the removing of cement.
During the prep, they were trying to reshape my steps, because they didn't like how there was a huge step up on part of it. So, I was watching this and I wasn't sure that what I was seeing was correct because I thought surely these guys have done stuff like this before they know. However, about that time our contractor came up and asked me and I said do you think that is going to be a step there? He walked over and asked the guy what his plan was. Well that was the plan, to make a really long step and then a short one. Well, I didn't really like that and the contractor didn't either, so they were talking about it for a bit and couldn't come up with anything. So, Greg (the contractor) turns to me and asks, "Katey, do you have any ideas?" I suggested that we possibly round the steps. It look me a little bit to explain what I was thinking, but I finally got someone to understand. So, they framed it out that way and we made a few adjustments, but we got it and it looks GOOD! 
The frame before cement.
Then Tuesday the cement truck came. We let the girls stay home from school, so they could see it. They LOVED it! They were totally fascinated by all of it, so it was totally worth keeping them home for a bit. Tuesday, the porch was poured and I don't know how you say it but all the cement stuff got done, and it looks good.

The girls watching the truck get on the lawn.
Being as close as possible.
Still watching.
The filled steps.
Wednesday they straightened out the roof and got new posts put in. Then today they have widened the posts a bit and then we will see what they do next. It is coming along really well and I am really excited about it. I think it really opens up the front of my house and makes it look good.
The middle post is wider than the rest here.
In other events, I have been to a baby shower the last two weekends and it has been fun. Baby clothes are so cute! They have a played some fun games and it was fun to just hangout with some ladies. Gaupo also got some man time this last Saturday at an Elders quorum breakfast where he was introduced to scrambled pancakes. He made them for our family that night for dinner and they really are good. Gaupo has pretty good breakfast tastes. Gaupo also managed to get our garden planted in strawberris on Saturday, so that was awesome. Additionally, Gaupo has also been working hard at his internship project for room reservations at the library and is also developing a webpage about biking here in Longmont for another one of his classes.

One other big thing for Gaupo and the rest of us is since the 1st of March we have tried to incorporate more fruits and veggies into our meals. Gaupo has a challenge at work to eat 5 servings a day of fruits or veggies. Well he is doing it and the rest of us are benefiting from it greatly. Both Gaupo and I crave sugar so much less and when I do want sugar, I am satisfied with just one thing. I think we both Guapo and I have more energy and we are learning a lot about cooking veggies and our children think they are being so mistreated because they are getting exposed to so many new veggies and things they have to try. They have found some they like and it has been a good challenge for us to not only think about what we are going to eat, but how to round out the dinner with veggies and fruit too. It has been a really good change for out family.

Our life seems busy to us, but it is full of wonderful things. I love playing with my kids. It is fun to watch my home change a bit and consequently making it a little bit more of our home. I love learning to cook new things and try new things. However, growing up can be rough and over the course of all these great things there have been times I have wanted to just give up on the project, or hole up in our house, so I would never ever have friend problems or drama, or just hoard all our money or spend all of it on frivolous things. There have been times we have broken down and eaten a whole batch and half of cookies in 4 days. There are times, but not getting stuck in those times is so important. We need to face fears, and broaden our horizons. One thing that has really been reinforced to me over the course of these events is that I am not doing any of this alone. Heavenly Father knows I want to feel my home is beautiful and gave me the thoughts I needed to make that possible. He lets good weather come so I can play with my old and new friends. He knows what I need and want and he helps me with those things as He sees fit. I know Heavenly Father is very much aware of me and as I try and do my best stays by my side, so that as growing up gets tough I don't have to do it alone. I can rely on Him. He is in the details.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Kylee is Six

Holy Cow! I can't believe this girl is six. Really I can because she seems, so very much a six year old, but to think that I have been a mom for six years that just blows my mind. However, I couldn't be happier about having had Kylee in my life for the last six years. This girls is truly amazing. Five days a week she goes to school and then comes home and tries to do a tricky balancing act between her best friend and her best sister. For being six she does pretty good. I would have to say that Kylee's current best friend is Tori Jacobson. They love to be the same and they play together really well. Thankfully that is the case because Tori is over here every day. Anyway, Kylee enjoys school. She says her favorite thing is recess and when I ask her what else besides recess she says nothing. I don't know that that is true because I think she loves when they get to do stem choice. Lately she has been doing the art center and is enjoying that. She also loves writing and coloring her own books right now. She struggles with slowing down and really listening for the sounds in the words and separating the words with proper spaces, but she still loves it. She is doing really well in swim lessons. She is in Blast one and is learning to get those arms and legs going and breathing. Kylee is a great big sister and is usually pretty willing to share with Tia. I love watching Kylee and Tia play together because they have a blast, especially when they play at the park or ride bikes. Some other things about Kylee right now are that she loves church, singing, eating chocolate, and watching movies.

This year was a little crazy with celebrating her birthday because Gaupo had to work on her birthday and then thought he had a church meeting that night too. So, we decided to just celebrate the day before. Friday, she wanted waffles, whip cream, and blueberries for breakfast. Then she went to school and then when she came home she had mac and cheese for lunch. Then we met up with some friends at the train park and played for about an hour and half. I was actually visiting teaching, but it was to Kylee's friends mom, so it totally worked. It was such a beautiful day outside, so the kids just played and played. It was so great. When we came home Kylee really wanted to open her present from Trent and Tori, so we did that and then it was quiet time.
Tia, Tori, Trent, and Kylee
Kylee with her Dinoco Cruze Remirez.
Boy did I need it. I rested for a bit, but then we had to get dinner going. Kylee wanted crock-pot cake, so I got that started. Then we were having tacos for dinner and even though Kylee just likes beans and cheese on her's if I am going to make greasy tacos I tend to go all out. So, I made some pico to go with them. Then it was time to fry hamburger and start the tortillas shortly after that. We had the missionaries coming over, so we made a bunch of tacos and boy was it good. Then we had cake and ice cream. After it was all cleaned up and the missionaries left we let Kylee open her presents. She got some dress-ups and some jewelry. She has loved all of it. By the time we did all that it was bed time.
Tia, and Kylee with the birthday candles.
Tia, Kylee, Gaupo, and Me.
Kylee opening her gifts from Tia.
Kylee opening presents.
Tia in the Elsa costume and Kylee in her Moana dress-up.
Then switched..Kylee as Elsa, and Tia as Moana.
Saturday we continued celebrating even though Gaupo had to go to work. We worked on Kylee's birthday sign, and had left over waffles with whip cream and strawberries this time. Then we were going to have pizza for lunch, so I got the dough and veggies and everything ready, so we could go to the park and stay for awhile. Kylee wanted to go to the 'kid' park (the school park across from our house), so that is were we went. The girls played for a bit by themselves and then Tori and Trent joined us. After playing for awhile we went home and made pizza and had the missionaries over for that. Then it was quiet time. I rested for a bit, but the weather was great, so I decided to go clean-up our front flower bed a little. I trimmed up everything and got it looking good. Kylee woke-up while I was doing that and played outside while I worked. Tia joined us too and after I was finished they had a snack and then we went for a bike ride. We went to another park and played there until we needed to head home for baths and to see Gaupo. That night the girls had leftovers for dinner and then we let Kylee watch whatever movie she wanted, so she picked Moana. It was fun to watch a movie together and finish up the celebrations.

Overall  I think Kylee is very pleased to be six. I think she had fun celebrating and playing. She told me on Saturday "I really do think six feels different than five." She is so funny. I love this little ball of joy and I am so glad she came to our home six years ago. We are truly, so blessed.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

President's Day Weekend

The whole 4-day weekend around President's Day was awesome. It was so nice to have four-days to just enjoy and be together. I didn't have my extra two kids for four days and, so it was really nice to enjoy just being us. Friday we didn't do anything spectacular. We mainly went to speech, did some shopping, both at Sams and at Wal-Mart. These are the top two money sucking stores that we visit more than once every year to four years. Anyway, we need to get those things done and we did and it was great. That night I actually think we went to bed on time, which is weird because it was a 'holiday', but you know you got to start the party off right sometime.

Saturday was a party day. We woke-up. I got up with the kids and let them watch some PBS kids. I didn't think it would be more than one show, but an hour later I wake up and they are still watching and Gaupo is up and boy did it feel good to sleep. But, boy did it also set us back a little bit. So, we got our hurry on. We made a breakfast of raspberry oatmeal muffins. Then we worked on Valentine's Day cards because the girls were going to a V-Day party that morning. I also quickly mixed up a batch of cake mix cookies, and wrapped a baby shower gift and headed to the baby shower. I left Gaupo home to make a 'mailbox' for the valentines and get the girls to the party. While he was doing that, I went to a baby shower. It was a small one, but really it was so fun. I got to know the lady it was for a lot better and it was fun to socialize with who was there. It was really fun, and I was sad to go, but the party the girls were at said an extra adult would be helpful, so I went and helped there. They had about 20 kids over varying in ages from 4 to 11. It was a quite the party. Actually it was great they did a fantastic job and didn't even need me. But, she said it was a very big help, so I am glad I went. Plus it was fun to see. The girls had a blast. They loved playing with the Barbies in the basement. They also loved winning door prizes and watching a show. They really did enjoy it. After we got home from that it was quiet time. During quiet time I got to work cleaning. I cleaned my bathroom, and got the girls started. Kylee helped me finish. By then, Tia was awake so she helped with the main floor bath. Then Gaupo helped with sweeping the kitchen floor and vacuuming while I mopped the kitchen floor. We got our whole house clean in one afternoon. It was awesome. Gaupo even spoiled me, by taking me to wash our van. It was so bad, so I am glad it got done. We got home and had dinner and baths and a movie.

Sunday was way more chill. We did the normal Sunday stuff of church and naps and visiting with my family. This week I talked to my brother and that was really fun and good to spend some time talking to him. After I was done talking to him, Tia really wanted to go for a walk, so we were going to go on one, but we stopped at our neighbors and visited with them. For a long time. Seriously, that was as far as we got, but the girls played with their dog, and the pullies in their garage, and I just talked. I feel like I haven't seen them in forever, so it was so good to visit with them. Also, it was amazing to watch Tia run those pullies. For me, I knew how to do it, but it seemed so unnatural for them to do that. However, Tia had it demonstrated to her once and she had it, no problem. I couldn't believe it. I mean it isn't hard you just push the one side up and the other side drops, but to me it doesn't make sense, but to Tia it apparently did. So, we had a great time and visit there and then came back and had dinner and went to bed. Gaupo and I just spent the night chatting. I am so glad that Gaupo humors me with that sometimes, because I know he would sometimes rather do something, but you know sometimes I just need to talk to him about real stuff and it was a really good talk. I also talked to my sister Klaire a bit and that was really fun too.

Monday was a great day. We actually didn't technically sleep in though for me I did, but it was only till 6:30. Anyway, we had a great breakfast--hashbrowns, bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Kylee asked me, "Why do we always have the same thing all the time?" We don't, but I guess Gaupo and I have been making this for breakfast often recently, so for her it was all the time. I just replied because it's so good. Anyway, after breakfast got cleaned up I worked on some insurance stuff (which I HATE by the way.) Then we went to Dizzy fun center. I apparently have never paid full price there because I was surprised by how much it cost, and didn't bring enough Tracker Bucks. This led to Gaupo running home, me paying for the Jr. Ninja course which at first Kylee loved and Tia did not like. After having them do just that for a bit, we finally decided to go for the kids area too. Luckily it was all paid for with tracker bucks because there is no way I could justify it with real money, but the girls had a blast. They climbed, jumped, slid, laughed, swung, and just played hard for about and hour and half. The last thing they did was the ninja course again and this time Tia did what I expected her to do the first time which was figure out how to do it. I couldn't believe it. Oh well, it was still worth it and good. These girls took great afternoon naps when we got to that point.

Anyway, after Dizzy's we came home and had FHE. This lesson was one I really wanted them to pay attention to, so I didn't want to wait until it was late that night. If you are wondering the lesson it was on taking care of our bodies. But mainly focused on not touching special parts. As in no one should touch them--not you or anyone else. Your body is yours and if some tries to you tell them no. If they don't stop then you tell Mom or Dad as you as you can. In a nutshell that is what we talked about it. I think they got it. Maybe? I tried, and we felt like we needed to do it now, because now is the time our kids are starting to go over to other people's homes without us and they need to be aware and know that their body is theirs and they can say no and should say no. And also that they need to talk to Mom and Dad about these things. So, after that we had lunch and treat and took naps. During naps Gaupo and I worked on taxes. Yeah!, not. I had taxes because I feel like very year I get hosed. I mean Gaupo gets paid and I work babysitting and contract work and I don't know if I do it wrong or what, but seriously we pay a lot of taxes. Okay, actually this year because of tuition and things we didn't owe anything, but the amount of taxes that was taken out because I work was seriously like almost all the money I eared doing one of them. It really makes you not want to work. Oh well, its done and paid, so on to the next thing. The next thing was dinner. I made sweet and sour meatballs which were really good. Then we went to swim lessons. Then came home and had baths dinner and introduced our kids to Cool Runnings. I think they enjoyed it, but Kylee's comment is my favorite. "It was good, but it had too many boys." Bahaha. That girl cracks me up. That night Gaupo and just relaxed and watched some Hogan's Heroes.

I really enjoyed this past weekend. It was really fun to play as a family. We also got a big snow storm, so that was fun to have a lot of snow, although I was sad that school was not cancelled on Tuesday because that would have been awesome.

 I love family time. Not so long ago, I thought that it was so important that our family actually do stuff (hike, sled, you know active stuff), but the truth is we just need to do stuff together, even if it is just watching a movie. My kids love movies. I think its because they don't get to watch very much tv, but it doesn't really matter why they love it. So, I love to do active stuff and I think they do too, but I also think that at this point it as long as we are all doing it together that it is all good worth while time. I am being to see its okay to spend time just watching a movie together and just enjoying being a family. But lest you think I am going to let my family be couch potatoes I still believe there is much good in getting out and doing especially as a family. I love family, and I have the BEST.

Some movies of Kylee for your viewing pleasure.

Bouncy slide
Ninja Course

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Thoughts On Dreams

We aren't doing anything special around here. We are just doing school, work, swimming, lessons, and playing. Kind of the same as always. We are all doing good things though. Tia is progressing really well in her speech, I think the majority of people understand most of what she says. Kylee is working hard in school and has recently learned how to tie her own shoes. I have continued to workout and it is totally blessing my life. I have so much more energy and organization to my day. I can't explain the difference in words, but I promise you it is very real. Gaupo is making good headway on his school projects. He is also still working hard to provide for us. We are so blessed to have him. So although nothing much is changing around here, it feels good where we are. We are all growing in our own small or big ways. Let me just tell you Heavenly Father knows each of us and our circumstances, abilities and talents, and he blesses us and tests us in and with those things we need most. If we will always trust Him, He will take us where we need to be.

All that said, and because I don't have any significant life stuff to blog about I thought I would talk about dreams. This is partly produced from watching Ice Princess tonight with my girls and it has been something heavily on my mind this year. Now, I also hesitate to write this because I don't want people to get false ideas or hope from this post. Dreams are something I fantasize about may or may not ever come true. They are not a goal, I don't constantly work towards them. They are just a fun thought, a place to tinker when I want to.

Dreams are funny that way. They change and evolve. You get new ones all the time. Like every time I watch Ice Princess or really any sports movie where the underdog does great things, I dream about doing that. Dream about learning I am amazing at something and then overcoming all odds and doing it. I remember how when I was younger I always thought it would be so cool to go to the Olympics. I remember one time I wanted to do it as a figure skater and another I wanted to do it as a bobsledder, and another in sand volleyball, and another as a ultimate player (now that that is an Olympic sport). But, those really are just dreams, because I don't have any desire to do what it takes to be that good. The reason why is because even though the chances of that dream coming true are like none, right now I get to live my dream.

I really always did dream about becoming a mom. I knew I always wanted to be a Mom. I also wanted to have a bus load of kids. I finally settled on 8 kids because if we had 8 then if me and my husband played with them at basketball we could have 2 complete teams. And I really did want to drive them around in a bus. Okay that would still be kind of cool, but once again never happening. So, am I living the exact dream I thought? No. Because even after I dated and married Gaupo and found out he had no desire to have more than 4 or 5 (which was fine), he doesn't play basketball. He doesn't like buses, and you know what we have 2 kids right now. I sure hope we have more, but I don't know for sure and I defiantly don't know how many. However, I do live a version of that dream. I am a mom to two wonderful little girls. I love it. I love sharing life with them. They make everything so much richer. Like sharing dancing in the rain, or a passion for rock climbing, or the skill of swimming is awesome. Watching them succeed at stuff they work hard to accomplish or watching them try something new and like or even not like it. I think those joys are so great because you also see them through when they are struggling and learning all the way to success. Also, this dream is lived with Gaupo, who is not the guy I dreamed about, but so much better. I love learning new stuff with him and comparing stories. I love our passion for food and making it the best. Supporting him and having him support me makes this family. So, I do live what I call the dream, but to be honest the dream isn't what I thought it would be. It is better but it is also harder, more confusing, funnier, and just different, but so much more complete than I could have imagined.

Just like when I was little and I had both possible and impossible dreams I have those now. They are so very different than then because different things matter, but you want to know my crazy dream?The one I don't really talk about because it is too crazy and confusing. It would give some people false hope and others total dismay. It has so many loose ends and not enough time. It is really crazy, yet not impossible. But before I tell you what it is please note, it is something I think about. I wanted to act on it and make some serious plans toward it, but I know now is not the time. Because yes, I have dreams and it is a totally great dream, but I am part of a family and I am a wife to a boy who has dreams too. That boy is living his dream. He works with computers and people everyday. He is a father, he provides for his family. He can sleep in and have vacation. In a lot of ways, I think he is living a part of his dream. I doubt in the way he thought he would, but just like me a version of his dream. And, not that my dream isn't important, but the time is not now, and I need to support him in his divine role of being the provident provider and head of our household.

That said, here it my most recent dream....I sometimes dream of moving back to Virginia to live in my Grandparents house, take over the greenhouses and run them while Gaupo farms the farm. I love Virginia, and I love the greenhouse. I enjoyed pretty much everything I did while working there except pulling weeds. I loved living in Virginia. I would love to have the opportunity to take this existing business and see if I could make it better. I would love to live in the country although I would deeply miss the closeness of stores, parks, and recreation places. I would love for my kids to chase the cats and have a dog like they so dearly want. I would love to teach my kids how to work, while working with them doing something I am passionate about. I would love to be close to family. I think it would be great to have the farm hung onto for one more generation. I don't know, it sound so simple when you just write down the overall general plan, but I promise you it is way complicated when you look at the details of it. However impossible this dream now seems, like I said before dreams are a place to tinker. So, when I have time, I think about how I could make it work. I think about how I would do it? What I would change? Would it / could it actually work? Do I really want to work that hard for that long? Could I really even do it? What things would I change? How would I make it us? Would Gaupo like it? What would he do? and then at least 1,000 other questions. I don't have answers to a lot and they are purely speculation, but its fun to think. I love to think. My mom use to say when we said we were bored "Good. It gives you time to think." I must have said it a lot or just learned to enjoy thinking, but I really do like it. I love to see where it takes me, because no two senerios are the same. Quiet thinking time is a gift, and so is the ability to have a space to write it down. That is why I love this blog. It give me time to think and reflect.

I love to have dreams. I hate dreaming at night whether the dreams are good or bad I don't like it, but I like having something to dwell on. I like having a place to imagine what if, and what would it be like. So, I hope my children dare to dream. I hope they have the courage to ask questions, and to think what if I could do that because I think dreaming does lead to action. It may or may not lead to the fulfilling of a certain dream, but it does lead  you forward. I know this is a super random post, but hey it happens. Sometimes we just need to spice it up with something different. Dare to dream people, our lives and world are changed all the time by people who dared to dream.