Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Little Blurb

I don't have a lot of time to write this post because quiet time is almost over, but I decided instead of wast time on Facebook maybe I would try to write something about what I do and I why I am not blogging as regularly.

Mostly the reason I don't blog is because now that school is back in and we have fallen into a rhythm I don't feel like we do a whole. We go to school, the kids come home, we eat, sleep, play, do swim lessons, eat and go to bed. On weekends we just kind of hangout. Okay, that last statement isn't really true we have done a lot of great stuff on weekends, and they have been really full. Like this past Saturday I canned applesauce. Yes, I finally did it. After enough complaining and procrastinating I got it done. It wasn't so bad making it and processing it, but wow clean-up took FOREVER, and I was already tired from canning it, then my house was a disaster because my kids had been neglected all day, and man there was just a lot of mess. However, with my family's help we got it all done before the Fiesta were they served us dinner. The girls helped clean up their toys and stuff and Gaupo helped me clean-up the garage. The garage needed cleaning because that is were we had to process the jars because it was so windy outside. Oh well, applesauce is done along with 20 pints of both pinto beans and black beans. I still have a few empty quart jars, but I now have more jars full than I every have before, so that is great. It feels really good to have full shelves, the canning stuff put away, and a somewhat clean house.

Although, I do need to give a shout-out to Gaupo. He has helped me out so much with things lately, and it has made a huge difference in my ability to do the other things that need doing. He cleaned my bathroom for me a week ago this past Tuesday. He scrubbed everything including the walls. It looked amazing. I was so grateful, it needed to be done, but because of how thing in the week were falling I wasn't going to be able to get to it and he had some time, so he served me and it was amazing. Then this last week with applesauce he not only cleaned the garage up, but he ran most of the apple through the processor which allowed me to the other canning processes, so even though making applesauce still took forever, it went a lot faster and better because he helped me. He has also been great about me taking a off a few times to help my friend Bethany with packing and cleaning her house. He is just I don't know, but I guess managing to pick-up a few of the things that I am not quite handling right now and it has been great. He is amazing at everything he can mange to do and help and do. I am so grateful for him and that he doesn't shy away from 'wifey' things, and doesn't get made when sometimes I do 'husband' things, we just help each other out and are who we are and it is so great. I feel so blessed to have Gaupo here with me and be working at life together.

Well I know that isn't much of an update, but I told you it would be short. The kids are awaking and I need to get some beans in the pot for dinner tonight.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Roller Coaster

Today Kylee, Tori, and Tia decided to build a roller coaster. I am horrible at filming and taking pictures, but they put a lot of effort into this roller coaster. It went all the way up the stairs around the loop and then back down again. They felt so accomplish and really I didn't realize all of it until I looked at the video's again and I highly doubt that I caught a good enough video for you guys to see their hard work, but here it. Just remember they came up with idea and did this all on their own. I am really impressed with how long they stuck to it, how they worked together, and how accomplished they felt at building their roller coaster.

Blurry pic of them at the start of the coaster
Another one a little less blurry.

Girl Party

This past Saturday and Sunday were General Conference. I love conference, but sometimes it gets a little tricky to get into the spirit of it and enjoy it with my kids. This year was really good. They did pretty well at playing, coloring, and enjoy being with Mom and Dad. However, this year my favorite part of conference was the Priesthood session. It isn't because we watched it but because I got to play with Tia and Kylee. I got a couple offers from friends to come play during that time, but before I got those offers I had decided that we were going to paint piggies and watch Moana. It was sure tempting to take my friends offers and go chat with them while the kids played. It would have been fun and fine, but I am really glad I didn't because me and my girls needed us time.

Between school and watching Trent and Tori, we really don't get a whole lot of time to be just us and to play. I always feel like we have other people around. That isn't all bad, actually most of the time it is really nice and I think my kids learn a lot from playing with friends and learning how to navigate those situations within the safety of our home. However, it totally crunches my let's go head off and do whatever we want-ness. I could do it with the other kids in tow, but those kids aren't mine and so they don't handle things like my kids do and sometimes I want to be just us. (Disclaimer: Even though I feel this way sometimes, I feel so grateful to watch Trent and Tori. I love that even though our kids spend 25 hours a week together, they still want to spend more time together. I love that Tori and Trent know me, and obey me. They understand our rules and are really good kids. So I am very glad I get to watch them.) 

That said it was time for us girls to party. We painted our piggies. We did them festively in Halloween colors and images. Then the three of us curled up on the couch and watched Moana together. We were later joined by our dad. There is just something about all of your family being together and loving that it special. I talk or write about this little girl party we had together and I think what was so special about it? I think what was special is that we all loved it. I loved that when Kylee knew the plan she said, "I want to paint piggies and watch Moana, so I want to stay home." I love that Tia sat still enough for us to do ghosts on her toes. I love that we enjoyed being together. Every now and then I wonder why we don't have more kids, or what exactly the plan was for not having Derek live here on earth. I don't know why, but more importantly I can see how I have been blessed. I have had time to really love and cherish my girls. I have had time to make important decisions about how to help them each with their individual struggles. I have learned to play and love my kids. I feel like a path has been made for me to be the mom I want to be and feel about my kids the way I have always wanted to feel about them. I don't know if any of this makes sense, but I hope it does. I love the time I get with my girls and I love being their mom. Yeah, there are time I make them mad and times they make me go gray, or mad, but I wouldn't want my life with out them. Moments like Saturday night remind me that this--my Tia, Kylee, and Gaupo are my everything and I love them and the moments we get to cherish together. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

2 Weekends, 2 Parties, and 1 Spoiled but Grateful Mama

I feel like my life will hit a lull and we will just be doing the same stuff over and over, but I don't know stuff just keeps happening and I feel like I can never get it all blogged about. I wish I could. Imagine if I could blog about all the cool projects my kids do, how they play with their friends, how FHE goes, what we do for fun, how Gaupo's school is, what we do for Relief Society meetings, etc. I would have quite the blog, but I am guessing I wouldn't have much of a life, so you readers are stuck with highlights, or what I can manage to post in the time I take to sit down and write it.

These last couple weekends have been really fun. The weekend before last so Oct. 15th, our family got to go to Elitch Garden's with Aunt Kitt, Matthew, and Tabitha (Kitt's roommate). It was a lot of fun. The girls had a blast. They rode and rode and rode. They could not get enough of it. I on the other hand rode two rides and threw-up. So, Elitches-2 Katey-0. I did ride the Ferris Wheel later on and the little kid coaster. I also would have ridden Mind Eraser, but we ran out of time. It was a bummer, but I am sure we will go again sometime. Gaupo and I definitely want to take the girls when they are older and when the water park is open too. It was fun to spend more time with Kitt and Matthew although you can tell that Matthew has started school and they are not seeing each other everyday. Matthew has kind of a two track mind right now. It consists of school and Kitt. Kitt has more tracks than that, but the major track is Matthew. It is so fun to see them together. However, my favorite part by far is watching Kylee and Tia get such a thrill from the rides. They loved everything and rode every ride they could. They rode the kid coaster a solid 3 or 4 times and loved it every time. It was such a great trip. We got home about 11:00PM, but it was worth a fun family night together.
Me waiting for Elitch's to open.

Gaupo, Tia, Kylee, Me, Kitt, Matthew
Matthew, Kitt, Kylee. We got really cold on top of the ferris wheel, so Kylee climbed in with Kitt.
And Tia climbed in with Tabitha.
This weekend was a first for me. I left Tia and Kylee home with Gaupo, while I went to UT. I drove out on Saturday with my parents. I read a book for about 6 hours of the trip. I didn't keep track of where we were, I didn't get interrupted to turn on music, have a snack, get asked are we there yet, or any other question associated with traveling with other people especially kids. It was really nice to just sit back and enjoy the ride. When we got to Kara and Seth's house it was fun to visit and help and not have to worry about my kids or Gaupo. It was great to be able to play with Ross. We built a tent and read books in it. It was so fun to have my life simplified and just be a sister, daughter, aunt, and cousin. Sometimes I worry that that sounds terrible, but you know I came home really late Sunday and saw my kids laying in there beds and realized how much I cared for and missed them. I climbed in bed with Gaupo and realized how much I missed his constant love and companionship. Yes, I got a break and it was so great, but I don't need a forever one because I love being a wife and mother, but I also can't deny how nice it was to have a break. 

One of my favorite things about the weekend in UT was visiting with my cousin Lisa. We are only about 4 months apart and we have always been pretty close. Well this weekend neither her nor I had kids on Sunday and so we were able to just visit and hang together and it was so refreshing. We could just talk and laugh like we use to it was fun. So, nice.
Me and Lisa as cute as ever.
Also this weekend, all my mom and all my sisters but Lindsay were able to go to Women's Conference together. That was really fun. We all got to sit together and enjoy delicious apple cinnamon doughnuts together. It has been 6 years since we have gone to a General Women's session together and the one we did get was the General Young Women's session. Anyway, it was fun I would have loved to just hang out more just us, but we needed to do other things. 
Kara, Klaire, Mom, Me, and Kitt

A few other random things I loved was staying up late talking. I am sure Matthew was a little amazed at how silly we can get and the memories we have that crack us up so much, but hey it's how we roll I guess it is a good thing to learn. I also loved watching Seth bless Levi. I am always so grateful to watch my brother's hold and use their Priesthood. It is such special blessing.  I love watching Seth be around his family and how much he feels loved when they come to things like this. It is really great. Also, getting to hold a sweet little baby boy this weekend was so great. I almost cried but I didn't. However, that little boy is so precious and him and his brother are going to have a blast. As you can tell it was a great weekend.
Me, Ross, Seth, Kara, Levi, Mom, Klaire, Dad, and Kitt
By the way, Tia and Kylee loved being home with Gaupo. They watched two movies in one day. They got pizza and special drinks for dinner. Plus Gaupo bought them M&M's and Sweedish Fish. They got to stay up a little late, and they got to ride in Daddy's car. Gaupo did their hair on Sunday and it looked really good for a guy that never, ever does hair. He took good care of them and they had a blast. On one facetime call I asked if I could leave again sometime and Gaupo said no, but Kylee said"Yes, the next time." So, we will see. Gaupo was a great sport to let me go, so we will try to stick around for a bit and support him in all he has going on here.

It has been fun to party the last couple weekend, but it will be nice to soak in some General Conference this weekend and be at home as a family.  I am so blessed for all the family I have.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Falling Into a Rhythm

As of last week, everything has officially started. For us that means the girls are in school and swim lessons, Gaupo is in school, I am watching Trent and Tori and working for my cousin Robert. So, now that everything has started we are kind of falling into a rhythm. It is really nice to have a rhythm, but I sometimes really miss the spontaneity of summer. Oh well, I need to quit moping about it, because it will come again and in the mean time I need to enjoy were we are at.

So, typically our day starts with me going running. I get home and pray with Gaupo. Then I get the girls ready for school while Gaupo gets ready for work. Then we gather on the couch for scripture study. We have been reading a whole page, but a couple week ago the lesson in Relief Society/Priesthood was on the scriptures and we decided we need to slow it down and explain to our kids what they were reading. I think the kid enjoy it more now and I know I do because I don't have to fight them as much. It seems to fit their abilities a little bit better. After scriptures is breakfast. Gaupo has been trying to join us for breakfast. He learned in a sleep class that he needs to have breakfast. He usually has to hurry a little so is done way before us, but it is fun to have him around for at least part of it. If I make something besides eggs he even eats what I make which is even more fun. Once breakfast is done it is off to school. I usually have the girls bike to school; although, this week Tia's back tire went flat, so they scootered to school. It is much fast and enjoyable to ride. Once at school we park our getting to school devices and head for the classrooms. If Tia has preschool I get her all signed in, but if not we stand by Kylee in line and walk her to the door. This is per Kylee request. She really could do it without us but since she doesn't through a fit when I let go of her hand at the door, I figure it's fine. If both kids are in school I do a variety of things, but when Kylee only has school Tia and I have to come home. Usually I let Tia decide if she is going to play at the park or head right home and which way we are going to go. We have a great time at the park, so I don't mind going for a bit. Whenever we head home though it is kind of a tough ride. Tia is a super biker though and so even though its rough she toughs it out and is doing great at it. Once home I usually let her watch a show while I take a shower and then we try to pass the time till we have to go get Kylee. We never do the same thing, so I can't really tell you what we do. Sometimes it's errands, sometimes it games. Other times we go to a friends house or play. We just do what we want. Then we go get Kylee. I usually park a ways away from the school and then we bike/scooter to the car and then drive the rest of the way. It works out nicely. We get home and settle just a bit and then Trent and Tori come. Then the kids play. We have lunch or go to our friends house. Then we do quiet time. Then the kiddos play more till snack time. Then play more until their mom comes and its time for dinner. Then if its a swim night we do swim if not then we kind of just enjoy us as a family.

I guess I still do plenty of spontaneous stuff it is just different. I spend a lot of time at my friend Bethany's house and that is really fun because the kids have other friends to play with there, and I get to play with my friend. I really do want to take the kids swimming, but haven't been able to since I got stiches. I got them out today, but still need to wait a bit for them to heal up right. I don't know that is kind of our life right now. I wish I could figure out a way to better monitor or supervise my kids play, but I can't because if I am around then they suddenly can't solve any problems on their own and it seems to break up the fun they have. So, if you have suggestions I am up for them.

It is nice to have a rhythm, and I love that my girls like school. I am finally learning what happens in Kindergarten from Kylee. She has been super talkative about it the last couple of day, and I LOVE it. She is even remember a few kids in her class names. She loves to tell me about the different center options she has and how she gets to choose and which one she did and the one she wants to do. She is really starting to feel at home in it I think and I am so glad. She has enjoyed school previous to this, but I just feel like it has really clicked for her recently and  it is actually something she looks forward to. 

Tia still doesn't give me a whole lot of info on preschool, but I love that her teacher tells us a little about it. I love that they have an app called seesaw where they post pictures of what they did at school so I can see her. I also love that she is picking up on the songs and things they do at school. When she starts singing songs from school, I know she is learning and loving it. 

For how much I feared this change in our life, I am loving it. I love the one-on-one time with Tia. I love watching Kylee totally get many of the concepts she is learning at school and that she seems more confident and willing to try new things. I am not the hugest fan of Gaupo's schooling yet, but guess what? If we pass everything, then only one more semester to go and we will be DONE!! That is the one good thing about it starting it is almost over. As for me and my work it goes well most day. Sometimes I worry that my kids get too much friend time and not enough family time. I worry that I don't have the patience that I should with all of them, but for the most part it goes really well. My work for Robert is good. I am getting better at it, so it is taking less time which is bad because I make less money but good because then my brain and eyes don't hurt so much. It is worth it to be more efficient. I really love living my life. We are perfect. Our life isn't perfect, but you know it is such a joy to be living it and I love that I feel that way about it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Sometimes I wonder if I am really progressing. If I am doing what I should. Or any other host of thoughts, but then I have times when I know that even though I am not perfect the Lord loves me and understands me and blesses me with what I need.

Today was such a day. Today I got to go to the temple. It is so nice to go to the temple in the middle of the week because it is so calm. Also, you get a great break right in the middle of everything and that is awesome too. I got off a little late this morning (because I didn't get up and stay up), but I knew it would be okay because I had time and Gaupo could help in a pinch. However, I made great time to the temple and didn't really end up getting there any later than I had planned. I got to do inititories for seven sisters and then got to sit in the Celestial room. All in all I was in the temple for about and hour and it was so great.

Going to the temple is a great break and jump start, but it does take time and I had thing that I really needed to get done. They were simple things, but needed nonetheless. One of those was making bread. I got home and had just enough time to get the bread mixed up and put in pans to rise before I had to go get the girls from school. I got them picked up and home and then got the bread in the oven, Gaupo off to work, and the dishes done. While the bread baked the kids got to play and just enjoy and they did a pretty good job of it, so that was super nice too. Then we had lunch and naps. I took a little nap, but that was all I needed to get going again. I amazing thought of something to add to our leftovers, so that I didn't have to cook an all new dinner. Then we had dinner together.  Then I got that cleaned up and then we cleaned bathrooms. As we were finishing that up, I got a text from my friend Siri telling me the Rec Center was closed. That was amazing because we hadn't left yet and could still go to Sunset instead. So, we went swimming and had a great time. Came home, had baths, and then I cleaned my bathroom and took a shower. Then I sat down to blog and my parents called with some great plans that I can't tell you yet because I haven't talked to Gaupo about them, but I am so excited about the prospects. Then now I am blogging.

Alright,  to you this day may not seem like that big of a blessing, but it was. Everything I needed to do got done. I had to make bread and I had the perfect amount of time to do it, so we could have bread for lunch. I was able to figure out something for dinner. I know big deal, but it is I have a really hard time figuring out what to do on the fly that is small, quick, and that my kids will eat that isn't Mac and Cheese (we already had that this week). Then the text from Siri. It really came at the perfect time. I mean we were almost done cleaning, but not quite. I responded quick enough, so she could still meet up with us at the other pool. The pool didn't kick us out before 7:00 and my girls still got a reward for helping me with the bathrooms. It was perfect timing. Then to be able to clean a bathroom after going swimming is not something I usually have the energy for after a whole day, but this really was kind of my last chance before Kitt and Matthew came to get it done without Gaupo being home. I got it done it looks and feel amazing. I got a shower and the phone call from my parents. I can tell you they are coming for a visit and I am so excited about that.

Like I said, these weren't major blessings but they were blessing that spoke to me of  Heavenly Father's love and awareness of my needs and desires. I am always amazed when He blesses me in my simple mundane everyday things. It amazes me that this all powerful, all knowing God cares about cleaning, cooking, and fun. He cares about me enough to know exactly what blessings I need. I am so grateful for His love and His hand in the details of my life. I am a blessed, loved daughter of God.
Me at the temple today. Pardon the squinty face it was so bright outside.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Random Events of Late (Written a Little Random)

Last week I didn't blog, because well I didn't feel like it. I hadn't really done anything different than we had already done all summer and the comings of that week seemed more blog worthy I guess. Either way it didn't happen, but I can tell you a lot has happened this week. This past week school started. That started with Meet the Teacher on Monday. We met both Kylee and Tia's teachers. Kylee was really nervous and almost wouldn't even tell her teacher her name, but she finally did. Tia was a little shy, but for the most part she was all about exploring her classroom. On Tuesday, Tia had preschool orientation which pretty much was a little intro to preschool and then letting kids play in the classroom while parents chatted. It was actually really cool, and Tia had a blast. I am not really that great and making new friends, but you know we will get there probably. Anyway, Kylee had Kindergarten assessments after that. Gaupo took her. He said after the first 5 minutes she did really good. Wednesday, we did nothing with school. Thursday was the first day. The girls were so excited. I had to convince them they needed to eat breakfast. Then I made them take pictures and reassured them we would be in time for school. We were really early, probably about 10 minutes early for Tia which makes it about 20 minutes early for Kylee. Either way we had fun play on the playground before school. Although, I was told this week that they aren't allowed to play on the toys before school start. I am pretty disgusted about that. I mean seriously why would you not let kids play. I had a lot of fun before school started, and let me tell you these kids look pretty bored just standing there waiting for the bell to rings. DUMB!! Anyway, I will end my rant there because well there isn't anything I can really do.

The first day went great for both girls. Kylee seemed a little unsure, and still seems a little bit that way, but she is happy and hasn't cried once. Tia loves school. She marches in and plays. I hardly get a good-bye from her. They both are loving school and I am so glad. It would be so hard to send them if they didn't.
Kylee and Tia. Kindergarten and Pre-School.
Two sisters.
We ride our bikes to school. Home is all uphill, so I pick them up. It makes for a better day.

This week (Monday) Tia and I have had our first experience with one-on-one time. Okay it isn't our first but it has been awhile. We took Kylee to school and then rode home from school. Then she really wanted me to take a shower, so that she could watch a show. I obliged. Then when I was done she asked, "Go pick-up Kylee?" I said, "No. She still has a long time in school." So then we played memory and after that she thought it might be time, but it wasn't yet. Then we played a little more and then video chatted with Oma. That kind of saved our bacon because we made it till pick-up time. We went and got Kylee and came home and view the Eclipse. Yes, Aug. 21, 2017 was a solar eclipse. We didn't drive to a totally range, but it was still really cool. It was amazing to watch and feel how dark it got. It cooled down a lot as the moon passed in front of the sun. It looked really cool through the glasses and it was pretty amazing to experience. I imagine totality was pretty cool, but I am okay that we didn't have to drive to see it.
Just a pic of Kylee and her class.

Also with the beginning of school, I have started to watch Trent and Tori again. It has been interesting. Kylee and Tori get along well, but are having a hard time not bossing Tia around and letting her feel included. Trent is kind of doing is own thing, but doesn't like being bossed around by Tia, Tori or Kylee. He still isn't talking real well which kind of makes it difficult to help him get what he wants/needs or at least get it with out throwing a fit. Yesterday it got kind of bad, and I wasn't sure that it was going to work for me to watch these kids. However, I really would like to keep watching them, so I did a lot of praying about it and tried to help people understand what I wasn't liking and it seemed to help. Today was a really good day, so hopefully we are on the up. I know we will still have bad day. I just want the good to out number the bad, preferable by a lot.

This weekend I have deemed (at least for our family) the official end of summer. The girls have started school, Gaupo started school yesterday, Kitt and Matthew spent there last weekend with us (they have one more together before Matthew moves), and we had one last great adventure with them. So, we have officially no more plans, as of right now. However, it was a great weekend. Gaupo was home on Friday, so he took care of Tia while I went to a potluck brunch by myself. That was a little weird, but kind of enjoying. Then we just spent the day doing stuff with the kids together. It wasn't anything grand actually it was a lot of me pawning the kids off on Gaupo one last time. However, he handled it great. He let Tia ride the tag-along bike. He took Kylee, Tia, and I to the store so I could find a baby shower gift. Then he let the girls watch TV and play in the van while I went to a baby shower, but did have them asleep in bed before I got home.

Saturday was a little more exotic. Gaupo had to work, so the girls and I were on our own. We had breakfast, shucked corn, went shopping, and made Gluten-Free chocolate chip bars (they were so good fresh. They were okay not fresh, but really good fresh.) We shucked corn because that night our stake was doing the stake carnival, but we were going to miss it, so we did cooler corn so that all Gaupo had to do was take it over there. After we got all that stuff done, we had lunch with Gaupo and then put on our swimsuits and headed to WaterWorld. We had free half-day entrance because last week when I took the Young Women we got rained out and they issued half-day rain-check passes, so we used those to get in. We were suppose to meet Kitt and Matthew, but they were running late, so we hit up some of the kid play areas. We actually only got to play in one because the times we tried to go to the others they were closed to make sure the water wasn't contaminated. I guess it's a good thing they do that, but it is really annoying at the same time. Anyway, the girls had a blast at the one we played at. When Kitt and Matthew got there the girls wanted to go on a group tube ride, so we took them on one of the river runs. They thought it was so crazy and great, which made it great for everyone. It was awesome to see their face and here there squeals of delight. With that ride, we decided we big kids needed to hit the two rides we missed the last weekend. So, we divided. Kitt and Matthew took the girls and stood in line for Revolution (which I call the toilet bowl) and I went in line for the Boomrang (I call it the half-pipe). Well, I got done with the half-pipe and the plan was for me to just go get the girls and take them on a ride or to another play place until Kitt and Matthew got done, but we decided we would wait together and then I would wait at the top with the girls, they would come pick them up and I would go. Well that plan changed when we reached the top. Kitt and Matthew ended up taking Tia down the toilet bowl and I took Kylee down. It was kind of scary for both girls. Kylee was pretty upset about it. Like when it was all done she cried, and shouted but she did calm down and didn't ruin her whole day (that is AMAZING!). Tia got smacked into by someone because neither one of them was watching were they were going, so she was upset too. So, Kitt and Matthew waited in line for the half-pipe while I walked down to a kiddy play area with two very upset children. We got there and finally decided to play and they made everyone get out. AGHHHHH!! So, we decided to go get our snack. We had a snack and then Kitt and Matthew met up with us and went and rode Pharaoh's Tomb, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Kylee really like Journey and Tia didn't really like either. We were going to go on one more, but apparently the rides shut down at 5:30, so we had to call it a day. However, the girls had a great time. They both want to go back, so we probably will, but we will let it build up and some of the anti-certain rides wear off (maybe).  It was great. I would only do a couple of things differently, but man it was super fun.

We drove home after and Kitt and Matthew came to our house. Gaupo grilled us up so grill food, which was so good. Then we had the chocolate chip bars for dessert. Then we sent the girls to bed. We played five crowns and visited for a bit and then said good-bye. It was a really fun day. It was busy, a little crazy, and not at all what I planned, but awesome nonetheless.

I have had an awesome summer. I feel like it is a summer filled with moments that were what I always dreamed being mom would be like. We did fun things. I feel so provided for because we go ticket and coupons, or invitations for almost everything, so we were able to do it for not much money and I really hope we built a really good foundation for making memories. I would like to say we made memories, but I don't know if my kids will remember any of it, but I know they will remember or at least build on the emotions, bonds, and experiences of this summer. It was truly a blessed summer. I feel so blessed to have been able to do so much and spend, so much time with my girls, Gaupo, family, and friends. It has been so fun. So here's to making the best of school. We are in it, so I am going to try my best to make it great.