Tuesday, December 5, 2017

More Thoughts on Thanksgiving

I should have written my feelings about this vacation sooner, but it didn't happen so you get residual ones I guess. 

Going to Swanlake was just what me and my girls needed.  It was just nice to be there. The home that I was raised in and the home the Gaupo was raised in were very different because we had different lifestyles and parents. Neither, home is better than another and I am so glad that I feel comfortable in both. I am so grateful that Grandma loves to have us come visit even if we can't bring Gaupo for the whole thing. I love that Melanie and Aaron live close. It was a true joy to watch Blaine, James, Kylee, and Tia all play together day after day and all day long. It was fun to let them be and listen or see glimpses of what they were pretending to do. I love the unrestricted access to four-wheelers and beautiful places to go on them. It's true I really only go to the pond and back, but I could do more if I wasn't afraid of going somewhere I shouldn't and if I didn't always have a minimum of two kids with me whenever I went. But, the pond is beautiful and its an easy ride. The kids love it and I love being the cool aunt that will take them. 

Being in Swanlake in the what I call slow time is always nice. It is fun to visit with Grandpa because he is inside and it is easy to do when he is right there. Also, I got visit a lot with Aaron this time and that was really cool. I am continually amazed at his hunting passion, but also the passion he has for his family and life. Late Fall and winter life on the farm is just slower and lends itself to more playing and hanging around which naturally leads to visiting and better bonding. I love going to Swanlake in the summer too, but this time of year has its own special treats. 

I also love that Grandpa lives so close. I always wish there was more time to visit and be in Virginia too because its a special place for me. I love visiting with Grandpa-Great he is always so positive and loves us being there. He loves my girls and Gaupo. It is fun to visit with him, but the thing I miss most about not staying for awhile is exactly what I loved about sticking around Swanlake. I love chilling at my Grandpa's house. I love visiting, but I also love to sit in the office and watch tv. I love to sit around the table and visit all together after a meal. I don't even mind washing dishes by hand there because it gives us another opportunity to visit and just be. My Grandpa and the home he and my grandma created is a very special place filled with wonderful memories and love. So, love that Gaupo's family lives close, so that I can visit with Grandpa-Great even if most times I feel it is too short, because to be honest it would take a really long time for it to not feel that way.

Not only did I love this vacation, but my kids did too. They have always enjoyed Grandma's house, but you know it was good when they say...
  • Kylee said the night before left: "Mom, I am not ready to leave."
  • Tia said the morning we were leaving: "Mom, can we stay forever?"
These kids really had a great time. Kylee loved playing and I think Tia loved the freedom of the farm. She loves to play. She could watch cows, dig in the dirt, jump, swing, play on the four-wheelers, have tons of toys, go outside whenever, and cousins. I don't really know all that Tia loves about the farm, but it is made for her and she really struggles when we come home and there are fences, and rules again.

I feel so grateful to have such a wonderful place to go only 8.5 hours away. Some of you say "only," but considering it takes a lot long for other people and it takes me at least 13 to get to my house 8.5 is not bad. I am so grateful for places, and people that I love and feel comfortable around. I am truly on blessed girl.

Thanksgiving Vacation 2017

This vacation was awesome. It started sooner than I originally thought it would because my friend Bethany Blaine decided that she needed to get out of Longmont and offered to take me to Idaho if I was still willing. I talked with Gaupo and about and decided to go for it. It was a little bit crazy because I wasn't as prepared as I usually am. My house was left a little dirty, and I had to pack dirty clothes, but luckily for me Grandma has a washer and Gaupo got the house cleaned for me, so I don't have to clean right away. However, Bethany and I took off for Swanlake about 7:15 on Monday morning. We were both ready to go and it was fun to road trip together. I enjoyed talking to her. We talked about our families, our past, how we want to raise our kids, how and what we should go about trying to teach them and how. We talked about forgiveness and changing. I don't know when you are stuck in a car with someone you like for 8.5 hours you talk about a lot of stuff and it was great. The kids actually did really well. Calvin (Bethany's youngest) had the roughest time, but even he did pretty good for being only nine months old. Anyway, by the time we got to Grandma's house it was getting and then got dark real quick. Grandma was so excited to see everyone. She scooped up every kid in a hug including Jensen, which he totally loved. Jensen and Kylee had a blast playing with toys and I took Tia out to the cows. Just in case you don't know, Tia loves cows especially when they are being milked. She can sit in a milk barn and watch the milker milk for at least thirty minutes. Bethany was feeding Calvin, but on her way out to the car came into the barn, which actually turned out to be a bad thing because there was a calf who was struggling shivering and probably not going to make it. So, I didn't exactly know that and then I didn't really realize how traumatizing that could be. I guess I am just desensitized or something, but Bethany is not and it really wigged her out. She was already kind of struggling, but it kind of put her over. Anyway, I talked her into staying the night at least. So, I helped her with her kids, and then got kids ready for bed and then I think went to bed. Well, I didn't go right to sleep, but when everyone else went to there rooms I went to mine and read my scriptures a bit and enjoyed the quiet stillness of the country.

Monday morning dawned early. The kids got up early and I helped take care of Calvin and Jensen for a little while. We had a great breakfast and then played outside. We took Jensen on four-wheeler ride and then to look at the combine. I have no idea why, but of all the equipment that Grandpa has they are fascinated by the combines. They love the only one on the side of the hill and down by the pond, and they love the new one it the shed. They want to see them all the time and ask all kind of questions about them. It is so funny to me, but I guess I may be kind of like that with swathers. I think they are really the coolest piece of equipment.  After seeing the combines and other tractors, the kids played on a dirt hill creating a slide for themselves. They had a great time. Bethany felt kind of bad taking Jensen away from there, but they needed to head for their Grandma's house. The rest of Tuesday was filled with playing, eating, naps, talking, playing, and finished off with games. It was a marvelous day.

Much of our vacation was that playing, playing, eating, playing, napping, playing, eating, and sleeping. Gaupo joined us on Wednesday about 12:15. He left about four in the morning, so that he could spend as much time at home as he could. It was good to see him, and I think the girls take better naps because he is up there with them. Anyway, he came on Wednesday, and really it was just more of the same although we did prep for Thanksgiving by making pumpkin pie. Then we had a delicious soup for dinner. The kids spent the day playing and playing. Blaine, Kylee, Tia, and James just played and played with occasion four-wheeler rides and then at milking time at night I would take them outside for about an hour and we would watching milking and pet the calves, and swing on the swings. Also, on Wednesday I went down to Grandpa-Great's to visit him and Klaire. I never give myself enough time and then when my Uncle John showed up I definatly didn't have enough time. It was so good to be there and visit with them. I love visiting there. It is a lot like going home. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving. To be honest it wasn't too different than like a big Sunday meal, but you know we were with family and enjoyed a meal and visited and played games after the meal. For me Thanksgiving is for being around family and taking the time to play together and realize your blessings. So, it was just that. It was great to play and enjoy being together.

**I am now finishing this a week later than when I started. I had every intention of finishing it, but I got sick and just slept during naptime and watched movies at night. I wasn't up to it, so bear with me getting this thing done.

Friday was a big day. It started off with the normal stuff, but around 11:30AM Jeff and Heidi and their 5 kids arrived down in Swanlake and it was a party. We had pizza for lunch and then us Mom's pulled out a game, and we played one round, but the kids saw us and wanted to play games, so we played a couple rounds more without Grandma. She took pitty on her grandkids and helped them with some kid games. However, after just a couple rounds we took pitty on her and we also kind of needed to keep track of the other kids who weren't playing games. So, game time was over, but it was fun to games with Heidi again. So, while some kids played games inside I helped other kids play outside. We did all kinds of stuff. We took some kids up to the shop and looked at all Grandpa's equipment, we watched cows, swung on the swings, jumped on the tramp, played inside a little, watch Uncle Aaron mix feed, got tractor rides, and one crammed four-wheeler ride from said Uncle. Then they played closer to the house in the sandbox and swings and this tractor trike thing. We also went to the barn and watched a milking and got to pet a big cow. We pet calves often, but not usually the big ones, so that was fun. We did lots of stuff, we were in and out and playing. The kids played hard. They played from right after lunch till 5:15 when the Anderson's left. Then after dinner they played some more and we put some really tired kids to bed around 7 and then played some more games.
Blaine, James, Katelyn, Aaron, Kylee, and Tia all on a four-wheeler.
The women and children on Friday.
Saturday was more of the same, except Gaupo, Kylee, Tia and I headed to up to Viriginia around to visit Grandpa-Great and Aunt Klaire. When we got there Klaire was making cookies--great timing right. Grandpa wasn't there, but it was nice to visit with just Klaire for a while. Then Grandpa came and we all visited for a bit, but my girls managed to convince Klaire to take them out to the old calf sheds to look for cats, then play hide-and-seek outside. She is such a great Aunt to humor these girls of mine on such a cold night. After visiting we had a small dinner and headed out. As always, the visit was much to short, but really good. When we got back, the girls and I got in the hot tub and then took showers and the girls went to bed. We of course played more games. In case you are wondering the main games played this trip were Castle Panic, Ticket to Ride, Wacky6, Rummekub, and Pandemic. Then before it got super, super, super late we went to bed.

Sunday was an early day. We got up, and got out. We were a little behind what we wanted to be, but we still made it to Heidi and Jeff's church by 9:00. It was nice to be there with everyone. Gaupo got to participate in the blessing Hyrum, Jeff and Heidi's new baby. It was cool to visit there ward and go to church with them. Kylee went to class with Arlen and Tia went to class with Naomi. They both thought that was great. After church we went to the Anderson home and had pictures and then lunch. Then the kiddo's played. Well, actually Kylee was not feeling well, so after doing her best to play she and Gaupo took a nap, and then came and played more. Tia played and played and played. I bet that is why she is having a harder time getting over this sickness thing. Anyway, after Kylee woke up we stayed around until about 4ish and then headed out. I always enjoy going to Heidi and Jeff's house because there kids are so much more at home, so there is so much playing and fun. We got home and had dinner. We let the kids stay up for a little bit, but then sent them to bed and had one final night of games.

Monday morning we took off. We were afraid we were going to get caught in a storm, but we couldn't seem to get going. I was hoping to stop at Grandpa-Great's to say good-bye, but we had to go back to Swanlake from Downey to get doll's, blankets, and pillows (we also found out we left our swimsuits). So, by the time we visited for a minute and picked-up our meat and John and Karen's we really needed to go because it looked ominous. However, turns out it wasn't that bad. Oh well, you never know that is the problem. We made it home in okay time and managed to get all our Christmas decorations up and then went to bed. It was a kind of long crazy day, but oh so fun.

Blaine, Kylee, and Tia gathering "coconut seeds, so they can plant coconuts."

Tia with a calf sucking on her hand.
Tia and Blaine playing.
James, Tia, Kylee, and Blaine on the four-wheeler.
Kylee and Blaine playing in the house.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Temple

About six months ago, our stake president challenged us to double our temple attendance. Well, Gaupo and I had already decided that we would got once a month which was almost tripling out attendance, so at first I decided that was good enough. That month I didn't get there twice, but the next month I think I managed to. Then I know I did in June, and that is when I decided that I thought I could do this. Well, I talked to Gaupo about it and said that I understood that once a month was really all he could probably do, but I thought I needed to go twice. I asked if he would support me in this goal, and he said yes. Well, now it is November and I love attending the temple even more than before. I love that I can go twice a month and often times get to do two different ordinances in the same month. I worried that with going to the temple "so" often that I wouldn't be able to take care of things here at home or that my children would be neglected or a host of things like that, but you know what none of that has happened. Sure, my family misses me sometimes, but not really they have a great time with Gaupo because he is such an awesome Dad. The Lord has covered all that needed to be covered to allow me to do this and I have been blessed because of it. The last couple of trips to the temple have been really cool and so I wanted to tell you about them.

The most recent one was last week. I really felt I need to invite my friend Bethany Blaine to come with me. I had a ton of excuses as to why she couldn't, but I decided that wasn't for me to decide, so I invited. Luckily, she accepted. That was the first time I have gone to the temple with someone who wasn't family. It was a really interesting experience. It was so great to have company on the trip there and back. It was great to not feel alone in a room full of people. Also it seemed to add importance to going. I had a great time with Bethany, and it was interesting to learn on the way home that she had wanted to go to temple, but didn't see how she could do that. Her life is pretty crazy. However, she said that when I invited her she was like, "YES!" It was all she needed to make the commitment for this month. She just needed someone to go with. Heavenly Father is very aware of each of our needs and desires and I think He knew what both Bethany and I needed and he put us together to help both of those needs. It was a really great reminder about Heavenly Father's love for his children.

The other reminder I had of that was in October when Gaupo and I went to the temple together. We decided to do sealings together. When we went it was shortly after Derek's birthday. Well obviously not too shortly, but not too far either. Anyway, Derek had been on my mind a lot at the time. Anyway, the temple is busy everywhere, but the sealing room. So, we have to to visit with the sealer. As the conversation went the sealer asked us how many children we had and we said we have to on earth and one in Heaven. He then asked us some more about that and, so I got to kind of tell the story of Derek. It isn't the first time I have told non-members of our family the story, but it is definitely the first time I have talked about it in the sealing room with a sealer. It is not like we had a spectacular gospel discussion on still-born children and their sealing and membership in the family. (I didn't really need that I know the thing I felt the day Derek was born.) However, the spirit that accompanied me in that room as we talked of children that aren't here with us on earth. It was so peaceful and healing. I didn't feel a presence or anything just a feeling that testified that Heavenly Father knew my struggles and that Gaupo and I's sealing was powerful. I can't quite explain it, but this I can say. What I felt in that room that night was the Holy Ghost and if  nothing else it helped me know that Heavenly Father loves me. He knows me, my concerns, my loss, my joy, my happiness, and my sorrow. He knows it all and He shares his love with me in sweet tender ways that lets me know He there.

I am so grateful for the temple. I love that as I look for the Savior and as I try to feel his Spirit I can draw nearer to Him. I will be honest, I don't feel like it happens every time I go, but it does happen little by little, and every time I go to his house I can feel the Spirit more. Every time I go to the temple I know I am doing what is right. I love the temple and the joy and peace it brings to my life. It is worth the effort to as often as you can. The frequency that is right for you is between you and the Lord and is different for everyone. However, if you will do as the Lord asks he provides a way.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Week

I think I might say this every year, but Halloween is becoming more and more fun every year. I love all the holidays this time of year, but I am loving Halloween. It takes a lot of work and it sometimes sneaks up on my, but I haven't missed it yet and I love it. This year was even more fun than last year.

As per our annual Halloween traditions Gaupo and I started watching Halloween movies toward the beginning of the month. We actually did a good job at watching most of them. I didn't watch Earnest Scared Stupid this year, but Gaupo did and we didn't watch Casper, but all other we watched which is pretty good. We even got some kid ones and watch those with the girls. It was so great. Also, as our Halloween traditions go we made goulish food all week. Sadly a couple of Gaupo and I's favorite meals the girls don't like, but for the most part we have found what our family likes and it is so good. So, here they are.
The traditional kick-off meal. Autumn Sausage casserole. (Eaten on Mon and Wednesday)
Spider Sliders. (Tuesday/Wednesday)
Jack-O-Lantern Cassadias. (Thursday)
Pumpkin shaped pizza. The kid one. (Friday)
Stuffed pizza in the shape of a pumpkin-Adults. (Friday)
Trick-or-Treat Turnovers. (Saturday)

Dirt Cake. Dessert on Sunday
The girls thought this handed needed candles. (Monday)

Meatloaf hand. (Monday)
Molded Mac-n-Cheese and Worms (Tuesday)
Also, as most people do on Halloween we get dressed-up and go trick-or-treating. My girls started out wanting to be Maona (Kylee) and Maui (Tia). Then they moved on to being a ghost (Tia) and a star (Kylee). Finally, they settled on Toothless and Stormfly. Both are dragons from the movie How to Train Your Dragon. The girls insisted that I dress up too, and that is really where the idea for their costumes came from, but it was really cool and fun. I went as Astrid one of the main girls from How to Train Your Dragon. You definitely have to use your imaginations with our costumes and most people didn't know what they were, but the girls loved them and we had fun. Plus it was easy to make them warmer as this year it was really cold on Halloween. Anyway, we went trick-or-treating. We went up the street and into the neighborhood at the top of the hill and the girls filled their buckets. We have so much candy. In a lot of ways I understand why my parents just had us stay on our street and not go door-to-door because there is so much candy it is crazy. They love and they enjoyed dumping it out, sifting through it, and then eating way more than they usually get in a whole day. I did have to stop Tia because she would have made herself sick, and Kylee says she might throw-up tonight, but we will see. I think she will be okay. Anyway, it was a really fun night. I wish Gaupo could have been home to hangout with us when we got back and handout candy instead of being some of the slightly lame ones that just leave a bowl out, but hey at least I did that.
Kylee Back.
Kylee Front.
Tia Front.
Tia Back.
Tia and Kylee.
Tia, Me, and Kylee.
Tia and her candy stash.
Kylee and her stash.
Kylee and Tia together.
I love this holiday because I feel like it is one that Gaupo and I have kind of made out own. Neither one of our families is super into it. They both let us dress up and go trick-or-treating, but much more than that we didn't do. Gaupo's family I think did a bit more, but not too much. However, he is the reason it is celebrated so long here. However, I love it. I love that we have traditions that stay the same and change. Making Halloween meals is a lot of work, but it is fun and the kids look forward to it. We usually invent our costumes, which I think is fun, but in a lot of ways I don't know if that one will be able to hang on because it just isn't the cool thing anymore, but I will do it as long as my kids enjoy it. This year we read The Best Halloween Ever as a family and it was fun to gather and read a book together. Our traditions cause us to gather at night and want to be home and partake in these things and that is what I love. I love that our family spends time together. We make memories like blowing into the rootbeer that has dry ice and carving pumpkins and laughing at the kid (Tia this year. It has been Kylee in years past) who can not stand the thought of putting their hand in the pumpkin to clean it out. Then laughing more when they squeal with disgust when they actually try it once. I mean none of this stuff is big, but its fun. It makes being a family a true delight. I love that my family gets to celebrate and play together. So, I will always be grateful to Gaupo for really urging us to celebrate Halloween when I was originally, so opposed to it.

Me helping carve the pumpkin.
Kylee pondering about what else to color on hers.
Kylee helping clean this pumpkin out.
Blowing into the rootbeer
Kylee in the costume parade at school.

Tia in the costume parade at school.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What A Week!!

This past week was pretty crazy. It was fun, and full of really good maybe even the best thing, but that didn't make it any less crazy. Monday was the really chill day of the week. The girls didn't have school and I let them decided if they wanted to stay here and go swimming and to the library or if they wanted to go into the mountains and go on a hike. They chose to stay here and to be honest it is probably for the best because the rest of the week was nuts. Anyway, we played at the pool and then went to the library. Then we had lunch and quiet time. When they woke up we read some books and just kind of lazed around a bit. Around 4ish we had my friend Bethany and her boys Jensen and Calvin drop by.  I took the boys for just a little bit while she ran to the store. The kids had a lot of fun jumping on the tramp and playing in the leaves. Tia as always loved having Calvin (a baby) around and wanted to show him all her tricks, help him sit, give and take toys from him, and just love on him. It was pretty fun. Monday was good.

Tuesday Kylee had a field trip and I offered to watch Calvin so that Bethany could go on the field trip with them. So, Kylee and Tia went to school and Calvin and I did Relief Society visits. It was so great. He was the prefect kid. He played and was content he didn't start getting upset until the very end of the last visit and then we ran a couple errands and he fell asleep. So, when we went to get Tia I just put him in the stroller and he slept in there and then we walked back to the car. It sounds so plain and ordinary, but it was so awesome. I use to dream that I would have days like that with my girls and a baby. I know not all days would be that peaceful and perfect, but still it was a moment that was like 'Oh, this would be so fun and so perfect. I wouldn't have to be alone, but I could still get stuff done and it would be great.' It was great. Well, then I picked up Tia from school and I got a little bit of a reality check on what it would really be like because Tia cannot keep her hands of of him. I had to watch him very closely to make sure she wasn't trying to lug him around the house or fold him up to tight, taking all his toys, or squishing him. It was not very relaxing, but I was still a tiny bit sad when his mom came to get him because I sure loved having him around. However, it was  great to have Kylee home. Tori and Tia don't exactly know what to do when Kylee isn't home, so I was really glad to have her back and she had a great time on her field trip and was so excited to ride the school bus.

Tuesday afternoon was pretty normal. Gaupo's schedule got switched up though, so he was home at a normal time, so that was kind of weird, but also good. It actually worked out perfect though because we had RS meeting that night and since he was home I didn't have to get a babysitter. The activity was really fun. We did Cars, Cars, Cars and we had some men in our ward come and help us learn about basic car stuff like how to change a tire, how to jump a car, how to change the oil, and what to have in your car in case of an emergency. It was really fun, but we were having a committee meeting after and the activity ran kind of late, and then people were just talking and kind of wouldn't leave and they weren't the people you could just tell to leave you kind of needed to talk with them. So, finally we got to our meeting and planned the next couple and I finally got home around 10:30. It was late and I was done. I am glad we had the meeting and all, but it was just late.

It seem really late because Wednesday was a full day too. Well actually the morning was suppose to be empty, and I kind of soaked that in more than I should. I didn't go on a run till after Kylee was at school. I took Tia in the stroller and while we were out running I asked her if she wanted to run by the park. She said yes, but she wanted our friend Jacob to come. So, we finished running and got home and called Jacob's mom to see if they could come. We went over to the park and met them there. It was really fun to visit with his mom and watch the kids play. It kind of takes kids awhile to figure out how to play WITH each other, but they finally got it and they got to do it for a bit, but then we had to rush to the school to get Kylee and Jensen. Once we had them, I dropped Jensen off at home and came back. The plan was to just play and have lunch and quiet time, but then Bethany texted wondering if I needed any kitchen stuff. It was too hard to decide through pictures, so I went over and it was good to go over, but then our lunch was super late and that of course delayed quiet time and I still needed a shower. So, I got that done real quick and I was just sitting down to do some PPC work and doorbell rings. It was the kids I was going to watch while their mom went to the doctor. So, I didn't get work done and these kids had just gotten out of the car after like 8 hours, so they were crazy. I have watched them before and sometimes its good and sometimes it crazy. There are three of them, so when they come I have 7 kids. WOOF!! Most times they just run around in a couple of packs, so its really like only watching about 4 kids, but not this time, nope it was every kid for himself. I had to keep track of all of them and they were not in the best behaving mode, and I also had to deal out a punishment for Tia and Tori because they stuck my church keys in my car ignition earlier, so I was trying to do all this while 6 other kids are running around one of which is an 18 month old who keeps getting up on my tramp that doesn't have a net and the other kids think that is so great and jump him AGHHHHH!! I run and get him and move the steps away, but then of course I have to go do something and before I know it the other kids have moved it back and he is up there again. He finally had to stay inside. AUGH! Anyway, by the end I was so done. I was fried, fried, fried. When all the kids left I managed to help with homework and get to swim lessons, but at swim lessons I did the work I had as fast as I could and then I just sat there and was still and quiet. It was so needed and so great. Then we went home had dinner and then I rushed off to help Bethany with some packing and moving. When I got home about 9:00, I didn't do anything just talked to Gaupo for a bit and went to bed.

Thursday was a whole new day. I got up and I think I managed to go running I don't remember, but I did make granola bars because I had a pot luck at 11:30, but I was volunteering all day in Tia's class and so I wouldn't be home to make anything and I obviously didn't get it done the day before. So, I got those done, got the kids to school and helped all morning it Tia's class. It was actually really fun. Her teachers have a rhythm and they are so good at what they do. They help the kids develop so many great skills. I am so glad I got to go and be there it was so fun to just enjoy preschool and see and interact with the kids and the other mom there. It was awesome, definitely time well spent. So, I gathered the kids from school and then ran over and picked up a boy named Gideon that I was going to watch that afternoon. His dad is such a great dad, but I was in a little bit of a hurry, so all the explaining, changing of the diaper, and all the stuff delayed me more than I thought it would but it all worked out. We got to the potluck and I enjoyed it there at least until the end, when I hear this screaming from where they kids are. I think its Tori, but then Tia is the one walking up the stairs. I ask her what is wrong and she was kind of hard to understand, and so I thought she was just complaining that the kids weren't doing what she wanted them to, so I told her to go figure it out. Well while she was turning to back downstairs I noticed her elbow was all bloody. Well, I called her back and asked her again what happened and I still didn't get it except that it happened on the treadmill. I later learned when Kitt asked her that she was on the treadmill and it was moving and she was doing fine until the boys came on and pushed her out of the way. So, really I am SOOOOOOOO lucky that she wasn't hurt worse because I had no idea. No one did. I didn't even know there was a treadmill down there, but it wasn't too bad, but it could of been. We were blessed. So anyway we got that bandaged up and by this time I am kind of frazzled because my kid just got hurt, Gideon now only wants to be held, and its just time to go. We eventually go, but the kids didn't eat at the potluck, so I had to make them some lunch which was late and then quiet time was late and then Gideon did not want to sleep. He probably only slept for like 30 minutes and I really wanted more me time than that, but it didn't happen. So, I was really glad when all the kids went home and it was just our house again. We had dinner and then Gaupo and I watched a movie. Sadly it wasn't that great, so I didn't get the full relaxation I wanted from it but it wasn't a bad movie, so that was good. (Double, Toil, and Trouble with Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen) Anyway, we then went to bed.

Friday I was ready to just have me and Tia in the morning, but Bethany called and needed me to watch Calvin, so I said yes. So, I tried to get Tia to work on a project she needed to do for school, but that was just frustrating to everyone, so I finally gave up and just let her play. Then we went to speech and Tia got to push Calvin in the stroller and she loved every minute of that. She also really likes speech and loved having Calvin there. Those two were so cute on the way. Tia just got Calvin laughing and it was so cute. When we got home we had Bethany over for lunch and a visit. When she was getting ready to leave, someone came and knocked on our door. It was Kitt and Matthew. They had come to visit me. I was so surprised and excited for two reasons. One they were at my house, but two they got engaged!! Wahoooo!! I am really excited for them. They came in and I got the kiddos down, and then we chatted for awhile during which time we through me invited them to join us for our stay at home date. They agreed as long as they could spend time calling people. I said and yes and so they stayed. It is a good thing they did because Calvin's formula got left at my house and I needed to run to the person who was watching him that afternoon. So, they stayed home and I ran the formula over, visited for a bit, then ran to the store and got the stuff to make fancy carmel apples. The rest of the afternoon was pretty normal. Once Trent and Tori left I got started on our dinner. I got it in the oven and spent some time with my kids. Then dinner is getting almost done and I get a text from Gaupo saying when is too late to get back? He was helping Bethany move one because he is a nice guy and two because he is their home teacher. Anyway, I told him 20 min, but he said he wasn't going to make it because he needed to go to Firestone with them. I was crushed because I had our 'fancy' dishes out and the table look great, I had a new and good dinner ready to come out, we were suppose to have a date, and he wasn't going to be home and when he got home it he would be exhausted. Well, I got over it and I waited for Kitt and Matthew for a bit, but then I got tired of waiting for them to be done, so I just called the kids for dinner and we ate together. It was actually really nice just the three of us because we got to visit and enjoy each other. We were finishing up when Matthew and Kitt joined us and they are pretty quick eaters, so we all finished about the same time and had ice cream for dessert. Then we watch Cat In the Hat Trick-or-Treat. Gaupo got home in the middle and had dinner. Then we put the kids to bed. I had thought our date would be cancelled, but Gaupo insisted he was up for it, so we made scrumptious carmel apples it was so good. We got done and visited for a bit and then sent Kitt and Matthew on their way and then just went to bed.

Saturday dawned early because I needed to make a batch of bread so I could take it to Women's conference at 10:00. I went to the conference and it was good, but I was also on the clean-up committee and we were there till 3:30. It was AWFUL!! It took so long to clean up I couldn't believe it. By the time I got back on Saturday I was done. However, my family needed me, so I spent time with them and got them into  bed and then I still needed to do some grocery shopping, so I did that and got home around 8:00. Gaupo and I spent some time together and went to bed.

Sunday was a day of rest. It was so great. We just had church that is it. It was so awesome. A very much needed break. Yesterday and Today have been busier than Sunday but nothing to crazy. Tia and I got to work on her pages for her VIP book for preschool and she did a great job. I meant to take pictures, but I forgot. We enjoyed being with each other and enjoyed just doing what we needed to. I also made white bread which made Gaupo super happy and I watched Gideon again today and this time he took a 2 hour nap. So, things have leveled out some but man last week was crazy. I totally felt like I was just keeping my head above water, yet I know Heavenly Father needed me where I was last week and doing the things I was doing because I did everything I needed to. Somethings didn't get done, but they were just extra things, but the things that mattered or needed to be done got done and I think that, that was Heavenly Father blessing me to have the strength, energy, and ability to do the thing that needed to be done. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father cares about his children in both the big and the little things. He helped Kitt find her key chain and Klaire a parking spot when I said prayer that both of those things would happen. He allowed me to be able to do, for the most part enjoy, and not feel guilty about a busy and good week. Heavenly Father is in the details. He love us. He loves ME.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Little Blurb

I don't have a lot of time to write this post because quiet time is almost over, but I decided instead of wast time on Facebook maybe I would try to write something about what I do and I why I am not blogging as regularly.

Mostly the reason I don't blog is because now that school is back in and we have fallen into a rhythm I don't feel like we do a whole. We go to school, the kids come home, we eat, sleep, play, do swim lessons, eat and go to bed. On weekends we just kind of hangout. Okay, that last statement isn't really true we have done a lot of great stuff on weekends, and they have been really full. Like this past Saturday I canned applesauce. Yes, I finally did it. After enough complaining and procrastinating I got it done. It wasn't so bad making it and processing it, but wow clean-up took FOREVER, and I was already tired from canning it, then my house was a disaster because my kids had been neglected all day, and man there was just a lot of mess. However, with my family's help we got it all done before the Fiesta were they served us dinner. The girls helped clean up their toys and stuff and Gaupo helped me clean-up the garage. The garage needed cleaning because that is were we had to process the jars because it was so windy outside. Oh well, applesauce is done along with 20 pints of both pinto beans and black beans. I still have a few empty quart jars, but I now have more jars full than I every have before, so that is great. It feels really good to have full shelves, the canning stuff put away, and a somewhat clean house.

Although, I do need to give a shout-out to Gaupo. He has helped me out so much with things lately, and it has made a huge difference in my ability to do the other things that need doing. He cleaned my bathroom for me a week ago this past Tuesday. He scrubbed everything including the walls. It looked amazing. I was so grateful, it needed to be done, but because of how thing in the week were falling I wasn't going to be able to get to it and he had some time, so he served me and it was amazing. Then this last week with applesauce he not only cleaned the garage up, but he ran most of the apple through the processor which allowed me to the other canning processes, so even though making applesauce still took forever, it went a lot faster and better because he helped me. He has also been great about me taking a off a few times to help my friend Bethany with packing and cleaning her house. He is just I don't know, but I guess managing to pick-up a few of the things that I am not quite handling right now and it has been great. He is amazing at everything he can mange to do and help and do. I am so grateful for him and that he doesn't shy away from 'wifey' things, and doesn't get made when sometimes I do 'husband' things, we just help each other out and are who we are and it is so great. I feel so blessed to have Gaupo here with me and be working at life together.

Well I know that isn't much of an update, but I told you it would be short. The kids are awaking and I need to get some beans in the pot for dinner tonight.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Roller Coaster

Today Kylee, Tori, and Tia decided to build a roller coaster. I am horrible at filming and taking pictures, but they put a lot of effort into this roller coaster. It went all the way up the stairs around the loop and then back down again. They felt so accomplish and really I didn't realize all of it until I looked at the video's again and I highly doubt that I caught a good enough video for you guys to see their hard work, but here it. Just remember they came up with idea and did this all on their own. I am really impressed with how long they stuck to it, how they worked together, and how accomplished they felt at building their roller coaster.

Blurry pic of them at the start of the coaster
Another one a little less blurry.